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About Us & Vision 

We are Pascal & Sally and live with our 2 children Devon (15) and Ivy (8) in Roermond.

Since 20210 we have owned this beautiful and very sensitive breed.

Our children grown up with the Akita and bond closely with our dogs.


I am following a education ''Veterinary Neuropathy / Animal Therapist'' at Silverlinde Breda,

and also follow a training as Nutritional Therapist for Animals.

Our dogs are closely involved in our family, and our children play a major role in the socialization of our puppies.

We therefore pay a lot of personal attention to the growing up of our puppies!

Our kennel is registered with the Board of Directors.

We breed strictly according to the rules of our Breed Club ''Nippon Inu'' and the Board of Directors.

We are also a member of AKIHO Japan.


In addition to the breed standard, we strive to breed Akitas with a correct character, but faithful to the Akita. Should it happen that we are not satisfied with our offspring, these dogs will be taken out of breeding. 

We hope to improve our breed in terms of health and more diversity.

For us it goes without saying that our dogs are first tested for the following health defects before breeding;

HD - ECVO - Patella & Amelogenesis Imperfecta.


Information Reservation

  • We are selective in finding the right owners, so it can sometimes happen that someone is refused.


  • You will only be placed on our waiting list after mutual approval.


  • The Akita naturally has strong dominant qualities that are not for everyone. ​​ That's why we would like to urge everyone to deepen your knowledge first!


  • Please don't contact us just because you've seen the movie Hachi!

  • We do not work with 1st, 2nd, 3rd choice, but place our puppies with the right owner based on character. ​​Our kennel always has 1st Choice Female & Male!


  • We guide our puppy buyers with all questions about education and care.


  • When booking a puppy, a deposit is requested within 7 days after the birth of the puppies.

For questions or more information you can always contact us!

This is possible via Whatsapp Business - 0681776144 or

via email -


What you need to know before purchasing

All the information you need to know about the Akita can be found here 

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